Saturday, April 24, 2010

I called D. this morning hoping that the sunny day would make her forget the significance of this day. It did not. Today is the day that T, her late husband, died six years ago at the age of fifty four. T. was a mostly happy go lucky guy. They met in high school and were married shortly after graduation. It would be difficult for anyone to get over T. because he was a rare breed of man. Almost nothing bothered him with the exception of letting go of his money LOL. He loved watching the car races and even got into a race car in Las Vegas to go around the track at over 100 mph. He also loved pottery and made some wonderful pieces, some of which I use for my still life paintings and as flower containers around the house. He also loved older women and always had a good word for them. D. liked to have a few drinks and socialize with her friends, often needing a ride home, he never complained even though he would rather stay at home and watch a movie with some popcorn. He hated any form of exercise even though D. and I tried to lure him into supposed "non exercise" activities like dancing, he never fell for it. If you wanted T. to go to any part of the world for a vacation he would go as long as it had a nude beach, seriously, the man was a part time voiyeur and smiled from ear to ear at just the thought of a nude beach. He never touched of the forbidden fruit but was eternally fascinated.
Four months before he died we went to the funeral a friend who was Jewish and therefore there was no coffin or body, just a service with happy memories, a few prayers and some music. T. said "now this is how I want my funeral to be" he was so impressed. Needless to say he got his wish to the very last and his service was attended by a few hundred people who knew and adored him, me included. The house in Las Vegas has reportedly been visited by him on occasion even by those who do not believe in the afterlife. D. and I sort of "feel" his presence and humor but have seen nothing so far. D. is now permanently living in Mesquite and her daughter C. has moved into the house with her boyfriend. The boyfriend is one who got freeked out by feeling someone was watching him when he spent time alone in the house LOL. I can only think that it is T.s way of taking care of his little girl.
I have my doubts that D. will ever have anyone else in her life, even though she has said that she would like to have a companion, there is just no substitute for a perfect match.

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