Saturday, May 1, 2010


The wind in Idaho is fierce this week, last week, and looks like next week too. I let Sparky/Dudley out for his morning constitutional in the back yard because it was so cold and windy I did not look forward to a walk. After waiting longer than usual I went to the back of the property to see what was keeping him. There I stood looking at what remained of the back gate to my garden and no cute little pooch. I managed to open what was left of the gate hoping my neighbors would not be too harsh upon seeing me in my jammies and robe frantically calling for my dog. Relief flooded over me as I saw (to my astonishment) my little man running as fast as he could toward our house. What a good little guy! Now I have to secure that gate until I can get some repairs done on Monday or so.
I have been thinking about the front of the house and the surprise bulbs, tulips and grape hyacinth, which come cropping up each year. I did not plant them and five years ago when I bought the house they were not there. Each year a few little things came up and I had always thought that the neighborhood squirrels planted them there because the placements were so random. I now have another theory. I think that the previous owner of the home must have dug up all the precious bulbs she could and absconded with them leaving only a few little insignificant bulbs in the ground. I think over this five year period they must have matured and are now in magnificent display. I wish I could tell that woman that her treachery only worked to some extent and that nature took over and gave me her bounty. I am so happy to see the two dozen or so tulips this year and I love the random placement. I have never been a linear gardener, I like the look of a wild/native meadow.
I will today, despite this horrid arctic wind suit up and go forth into the garden. The sun is shining so it won't be horrible. I will just have to wear my woolly hat and a heavy coat. Nothing stops a determined gardener.
At the refugee center we have already received some little plants of vegetables and some tools. It is unfortunate that we can't plant them for three weeks or so because it is just too cold. We are now looking for a good place to store our bounty of little plants so they will survive and do well when we are able to plant them outdoors. Among the usual veggies like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers we are blessed to have some heirloom varieties. I love to plant those because the bugs seem to like the more modern versions and leave them alone. There are also heirloom herbs! I can hardly wait!


  1. Glad Dudley did not run off very far, and that he is safe back home. Hope it will not be too hard nor too expensive to fix the gate.
    It works out nicely, that you also have bulbs, and that you did not have to plant them.

  2. Hoping that your friend D is doing better, and can enjoy things again.
    Gste fixed? It can get old if you have to put your furry pals on a leash every time they need to go out.
    The weather has been fierce in so many areas. Hope yours gets better, and that you can enjoy your gardening.