Saturday, April 24, 2010

I called D. this morning hoping that the sunny day would make her forget the significance of this day. It did not. Today is the day that T, her late husband, died six years ago at the age of fifty four. T. was a mostly happy go lucky guy. They met in high school and were married shortly after graduation. It would be difficult for anyone to get over T. because he was a rare breed of man. Almost nothing bothered him with the exception of letting go of his money LOL. He loved watching the car races and even got into a race car in Las Vegas to go around the track at over 100 mph. He also loved pottery and made some wonderful pieces, some of which I use for my still life paintings and as flower containers around the house. He also loved older women and always had a good word for them. D. liked to have a few drinks and socialize with her friends, often needing a ride home, he never complained even though he would rather stay at home and watch a movie with some popcorn. He hated any form of exercise even though D. and I tried to lure him into supposed "non exercise" activities like dancing, he never fell for it. If you wanted T. to go to any part of the world for a vacation he would go as long as it had a nude beach, seriously, the man was a part time voiyeur and smiled from ear to ear at just the thought of a nude beach. He never touched of the forbidden fruit but was eternally fascinated.
Four months before he died we went to the funeral a friend who was Jewish and therefore there was no coffin or body, just a service with happy memories, a few prayers and some music. T. said "now this is how I want my funeral to be" he was so impressed. Needless to say he got his wish to the very last and his service was attended by a few hundred people who knew and adored him, me included. The house in Las Vegas has reportedly been visited by him on occasion even by those who do not believe in the afterlife. D. and I sort of "feel" his presence and humor but have seen nothing so far. D. is now permanently living in Mesquite and her daughter C. has moved into the house with her boyfriend. The boyfriend is one who got freeked out by feeling someone was watching him when he spent time alone in the house LOL. I can only think that it is T.s way of taking care of his little girl.
I have my doubts that D. will ever have anyone else in her life, even though she has said that she would like to have a companion, there is just no substitute for a perfect match.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is still raining. A nice steady gentle rain which the plants love. After my morning shift I went to the bead store to finish up a project which was laying around far too long. R. asked that I repair a broken necklace with a stone which needed to be wrapped in silver wire. The necklace had a couple of beads which were supposed to be complimentary to the mostly fuchsia stone but in my estimation were far too dull to do it justice. Consequently I went on an all out hunt until I found just the right color beads for the stone. Today the project is (thankfully) finished as well as one other she managed to slip in last week. I decide that I must gently and nicely reject all repair requests until my planting is over with. Birthdays are coming up which means some ladies will be eager to uncover whatever creation in beads I have in mind for them so I have to get that done too as there are six or so coming up. It is labor of love because I am addicted to the creative process no matter what form it takes.
I am feeling better these days. I am cautiously optimistic because the changes do not come by leaps and bounds. The changes come when I realize that I have done all the laundry, emptied the dishwasher, cleared the kitchen table of clutter, returned my calls and generally done most of the things I should in any given day. I am now taking 2,000 i.u. of vitamin D daily until my next checkup. I have also made it a point to be in the sun a few minutes when I can without sun block to better absorb natural vitamin D.
My high school chums have looked my up through and we are planning a re-union ( 50 year ) for 2011 in August. This has to be met with more enthusiasm than brains because Chicago in August is brutally hot and humid. I plan to stay at the Hyatt hotel for the duration. You know how you plan your first few re-unions and stress about your appearance? I gave all that up. I will, of course, look my best but do not plan anything like a crash diet and exercise program or face lift LOL. I will go as is and meet the group head on. I don't know what is so exhillerating about this but it really does put me in a good mood for some reason. I am by no means wealthy or the head of a multy million dollar corporation nor have I won any major prizes for anything. Just an ordinary female going through the life the best way I know how. I guess, bottom line, I have come to peace with my life.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is the Perrine Bridge in the little town where I live. I did not take this magnificent photo so please do not copy it. If you would like a copy I can email a link to the site of the photographer.


Wonderful the way rain slows things down, almost like snow. I love to watch the rain, the lightning, listen to the thunder. When the rain first starts I can hear a type of music made by my gutter pipes. This little twinkling music wakes me up from a deep sleep some times. I have not really investigated to see how it makes the various notes but I just love it. I can understand how babies will sleep well in a moving vehicle because of the constant pattern of sound. The rain does that for me. Even the wind is soothing, unless it threatens to take the house with it.
I look out into the front and back yard to see the progress of the bulbs and various plants coming to life. The dark daytime skies make the colors pop out almost as if they were iridescent. I wish I could get on my knees to take pictures on level with the garden beds but I'm afraid it would take two strong men to get me up again LOL.
I saw a set of garden furniture at K Mart yesterday. Two chairs of red metal which recline and a smaller bistro type table. They looked so light and airy I wanted to plan a BBQ right away. I think I will buy four chairs and two tables so I can have more company gather when the back yard is in it's full blooming glory. Red always makes me happy.
I think about all the things which have been in the news lately. The volcano, the earthquakes, the violence and I count my blessings which, in retrospect, now seem so large. My little struggles with work (or lack of it) and my budget in the scheme of things mean nothing.
This coming weekend I will plant some Lemon Queen sunflowers. I am participating in the great sunflower project. This is the link so anyone interested in counting bees on their sunflowers can join. In 2009 I had so many bees once my winter squash was blooming that I could not count them. HURRAH FOR THE BEES. Yesterday at a meeting with our local Master Gardeners Club I found out more about bees and bee hive collapse. It is not the all out dire circumstance I thought it was but it once again points out the fact that we can not use pesticides with abandon and think it will solve all our problems with pests and or weeds. We all need to be more responsible. Me included. Once a year at College of Southern Idaho we get to rent a plot of land, 50x100, to use for growing whatever we wish. The cost is forty dollars and includes water and some tools. This year the refugee center has one and I paid for a plot adjoining it so we could have a space which is now 100x100 for all intents and purposes. The master gardeners are installing a drip system for our convenience and are plowing up the area for us in a couple of weeks. They are a splendid and dedicated group. The community is also coming up with donations of everything from starter plants to equipment for our use. The deal is that every refugee who helps with the garden gets to have a share of whatever we grow. They have some input in what they would like also. Hot peppers are a very desirable item for them along with tomatoes and white eggplant. I can hardly wait to make my ratatouille!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yes indeed, spring has sprung and with a vengeance. My day of rest turned out to be a day of toil in the soil. I guess most of you are experiencing the same thing. The thing that really got to me is buying plants for three large pots in front of the house and spending darn near fifty dollars. I call that rude inflation especially considering the times.
I called my guy who sprays the dormant oil for the fruit trees and asked if he forgot about me because by now the blossoms are fighting to get out of bud. He said he did not forget ( oh yes he did ) that the wind was keeping him from doing his rounds as he should. I think he went fishing. I also have a valve cover which burst from the outside sprinkling system last fall and if he doesn't come soon to fix that my entire yard may turn belly up. Not really, I can hand water, but what a nuisance.
Sparky's name has been changed to Dudley. D. said she always wanted to name a male dog Dudley, so what could I do? Anyway, I would not have named this sweet boy Sparky to begin with. so it's fine.
Our local little bead store has offered a part time job and I think I will take it. I love beading and the inter action of the people who enjoy the same hobby. They have classes to so it should be a lot of fun. I need fun.
My diet has gone to hell this past two weeks. Have no idea why. I think I listened to the wrong people about it, always a mistake, I should just trust myself and keep my mouth shut so I don't get unwanted advice, although well meant.
I had lunch with some women from my office. One of them is a chronic complainer and gets on my nerves, what to do. I hate to distance myself from her as otherwise she is very nice and kind. Besides that she is a terrific cook!
More later, gotta take the Dudley for his little walk.