Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is still raining. A nice steady gentle rain which the plants love. After my morning shift I went to the bead store to finish up a project which was laying around far too long. R. asked that I repair a broken necklace with a stone which needed to be wrapped in silver wire. The necklace had a couple of beads which were supposed to be complimentary to the mostly fuchsia stone but in my estimation were far too dull to do it justice. Consequently I went on an all out hunt until I found just the right color beads for the stone. Today the project is (thankfully) finished as well as one other she managed to slip in last week. I decide that I must gently and nicely reject all repair requests until my planting is over with. Birthdays are coming up which means some ladies will be eager to uncover whatever creation in beads I have in mind for them so I have to get that done too as there are six or so coming up. It is labor of love because I am addicted to the creative process no matter what form it takes.
I am feeling better these days. I am cautiously optimistic because the changes do not come by leaps and bounds. The changes come when I realize that I have done all the laundry, emptied the dishwasher, cleared the kitchen table of clutter, returned my calls and generally done most of the things I should in any given day. I am now taking 2,000 i.u. of vitamin D daily until my next checkup. I have also made it a point to be in the sun a few minutes when I can without sun block to better absorb natural vitamin D.
My high school chums have looked my up through and we are planning a re-union ( 50 year ) for 2011 in August. This has to be met with more enthusiasm than brains because Chicago in August is brutally hot and humid. I plan to stay at the Hyatt hotel for the duration. You know how you plan your first few re-unions and stress about your appearance? I gave all that up. I will, of course, look my best but do not plan anything like a crash diet and exercise program or face lift LOL. I will go as is and meet the group head on. I don't know what is so exhillerating about this but it really does put me in a good mood for some reason. I am by no means wealthy or the head of a multy million dollar corporation nor have I won any major prizes for anything. Just an ordinary female going through the life the best way I know how. I guess, bottom line, I have come to peace with my life.

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