Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello All and Happy New Year.
I had a more fantastic time this new years eve than ever in living memory. The only glitch was my sore knee. I had a meniscus repair and could not dance. I met lots of new people and had interesting conversation, lots of wine and a martini or two.
I also took a good look at myself in a full length mirror while naked. Gee, where did all this ugly fat come from. I guess I was either not paying attention or hiding behind my clothes. The clothes of course got progressively larger. At the risk of sounding redundant I am now going to take better care of myself.
At the beginning of my blog I did mention issues with food. I will just have to grapple with them as best I can and get on with living like a normal human being. I always had a good self image and maybe that is part of the problem. No matter how heavy I got I figured I was a really good looking person. Well guess what. The days of looking through rose colored glasses are over. I am now keeping a food diary and counting every bite which goes into my mouth. To prove how serious I am I will now post my most shameful secret. I weighed this morning at 238.8 pounds. That means I have a good hundred pounds to lose. I will settle for 25 this year of 2010 but if more comes off all the better. I bet my knee would feel a lot better too.

My friend D who lives in Las Vegas, Mesquite and Duck Creek Village (yes, all those places on a rotation basis) wants me to leave Idaho on move in with her. She has been widowed for six years and is lonesome for company other than her two dogs. I adore the hounds but I have two cats and I love my little house in Idaho. On the other hand her social life in Mesquite is par excellence! I met the people in her singles group and they have an enormous amount of fun. I could surely use some fun in my life. Growing fruit and vegetables has its limits for fun. I also have my two kitties so dogs and cats, especially cat killer dogs, do not mix. Dilemma. I also like the idea of living my own life instead of joining in on someone else's. Any comments on this?