Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I now have a new family member, Sparky, he is a one year old Shih Tzu. He came from a good home but there were many problems so it was thought best that he find a more inviting environment. Last weekend we went to Salt Lake City to attend the bead and jewelry show. Sparky and I went with friend Linda and stayed with Linda's friend Karen for two nights. It was my birthday besides and we celebrated in the time honored way of all females. We dined well and had a few drinks. We shopped here there and everywhere and one night we only had ice cream for dinner. Sparky was the only male presence and he turned out to be a real gentlemen who was welcomed back for future visits.
I bought far more beads than I should have (of course) and I used the excuse that if I sold something I really liked I would want one creation for myself so....best to have a backup of materials. My favorite bead this year is called White Buffalo Turquoise. It has no visible blue in it whatsoever, just the white with beige veins running through it. It is mined only in Battle Mountain, Nevada. I think those beads will make a stunning summer necklace. I will, of course, publish pictures when done.
I was hoping to make a dent in the garden and get it ready for the spring planting soon but the winds are howling out there so I have to wait. The bulbs are poking their heads out and very eager to show their colors. The squirrels have rearranged some of them, I can see that, so it will be an intersting show.
I am feeling better and now will have to take only 2,000 iu of the vitamin D daily from now on. I wish I could say that I am doing cartwheels and dancing the night away but alas..no. Sparky's need for walks has also benefitted me because we go to the college each afternoon (weather permitting) and take a little stroll around the frisbee golf course. He is such a good little lad I can hardly believe my luck. Booboo cat is sort of tolerating him although Sparky annoys her with his aggressive show of wanting to play. On the other hand, Kittyboy wants to kill him dead. Seriously. If I take Sparky in the back yard Kittyboy comes out fighting mad. I have to take a large walking stick with me to fend him off. Sparky is 12 pounds and I think Kittyboy must be pushing around 20 or so. I hope they all work things out soon.
Before signing off I have one more thing to comment on. I have had my job at the refugee center now since August of last year. The other staff members are so very nice. For my birthday they went all out and gave me an excess of gifts which was totally unexpected. I was so very touched. Life can be so unexpectedly good some times.